Permanent Recruitment Service


Choosing the right permanent employee to meet the objectives and culture of your business can be a challenging process.

Connecting People understand that successful Permanent Recruitment involves more than simply sourcing candidates with the skills and experience to do the job. It also involves a strong level of ‘synergy’ between our clients, and the attitudes and behaviors of our candidates.

As a result, we follow a specific ‘top to tail’ process to ensure that the best talent is presented to each client's Recruitment assignment.


The Process


For each assignment, our Consultant will work with you to understand your company’s organisational structure, objectives and culture, as well as the detailed objectives, duties and outcomes associated with the position.

This thorough briefing process enables us to effectively identify qualified candidates from our database. We can also draw on this to craft effective advertising strategies to communicate the opportunity to the broader candidate market, and ultimately, present our clients with a shortlist of outstanding candidates to fulfil the opportunity.




 If you would like more information on any aspect of our business or would like to discuss working terms with no obligations, please phone 01727 859 966 and speak to one of our operators who will be happy to provide you with any information you need or email us using the registration form and we’ll send you our terms of business.



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